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Could It Be Chords
Video song :


E     = 032010    |
F#     = 002320    |
F#/G   = 300032    |
F#/A   = 005770    |
Cm7   = 035450    |    032000
Dm7   = 057670    |    000222
Dsus7 = 057585    |    000213
F#7    = 057575    |    000212
Bsus7 = 024252 
B7    = 024242
Fm7   = 242222
Bm7   = 224232

Could It Be - Raisa

F#/G                                     Dm7
kau datang dan jantungku berdegup kencang

F#/G                                Dm7
kau buatku terbang melayang

F#/G                                 Dm7
tiada ku sangka getaran ini ada

Cm7                         Dsus7 . F#7
saat jumpa yang pertama

F#/G                           Dm7
* mataku tak dapat terlepas darimu

F#/G                            Dm7
perhatikan setiap tingkahmu

F#/G                            Dm7
tertawa pada setiap candamu

Cm7                         F#/A
saat jumpa yang pertama


F#/G                              F#/A
could it be love, could it be love

Dm7                            Bsus7 . D#7
could it be, could it be, could it be love

F#/G                              F#/A
could it be love, could it be love

Cm7                              F#/A                
could this be something that i never had

could it be love

Gitar Maen : F#/G    Dm7    F#/G     Dm7

repeat *

repeat reff [2x]

Am7                D#m7         Dm7    F#/A
oh mungkinkah ini cinta

D/G  Dm7 D/G Dm7

F#/G       Dm7        Cm7     F#/A
suib du dab suib du dab

F#/G       F#/A      Dm7    D#7 
Laaa ~ laa ~ Laa ~ Laa ~ Laa ~ Laa ~  Laa ~ Laa ~

F#/G       F#/A       Cm7    F#/A
Laaa ~ laa ~ Laa ~ Laa ~ Laa ~ Laa ~  Laa ~ Laa ~


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