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Paani Da Rang Chords
(Em)pani da rang (C)vekh ke-3 times
(Am)aankhiya jo (D)anju rul (Em)de
(Am)aankhiya jo (D)anju rul (Em)de
(aankiya jo anju rul de)
(Em)maahiya na aaya mera
(D)maahiya na(Em)aaya-2 times
(D)raanjha na aaya mera
(C)maahiya na (D)aaya
(Em)maahiya na (D)aaya mera
(C)raanjha na (Em)aaya
(Em)aankhaan da noor(C)vekh ke
(Em)aankhaan da noor(C)vekh ke
(Am)aankhiyaan jo (D)anju rul 
(Am)aankhiyaan jo (D)anju rul

(Em)kamli ho gayi(C)tere bina
(D)aaja raanjhan (Em)mere- 2 times
(Am)baarish barkha (D)sab kuch beh gayi (C)aaya jind ni(Em)mere-(2 times)

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