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Wonderworld Chords
Intro: Am F# Eb F# D Am F# Eb C E C E F G C

We freely speak of dreams 
We marvel at what they conceal 
But in my wonderworld 
Each sleeping vision is so real 
So I believe and hope 
That all the things I see 
May one day bring such truth and peace 
As we can feel

Free from this waking world 
Deep in sleep's mystery 
My will is free to wander 
Free to wander carelessly 
At times it's not so far 
From what we call reality 
And at times I know I wonder 
If it all could come true

C# Fm     Bbm 
Oh,   Mr. Wonderworld 
         Ab                       Ab7
Don't be afraid 'cause dreams were made 
             C#           Fm 
Were made to dim the light 
            Bbm         F 
The torment day can bring and leave you free 
To laugh aloud and hear your heart bells ring 
F#  Ab      Bbm      Fm
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld 
Ab     F 

Am F# Eb F# D Am F# Eb C

Oh, Mr. Wonderworld 
Don't be afraid 
'Cause your dreams were made 
They were made to dim the light 
The torment day can bring 
And leave you free 
To laugh aloud and hear 
Your heart bells ring 
Oh, oh, Mr. Wonderworld 
Mr. Wonderworld 
Mr. Wonderworld 
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About the artist behind Wonderworld Chords:

Uriah Heep are an English rock band, formed in December 1969 when record producer Gerry Bron invited keyboardist Ken Hensley (previously a member of The Gods and Toe Fat) to join Spice, a band signed to his own Bronze Records label.

Sometimes jokingly referred to as "The Beach Boys of heavy metal" for their melodic songs, and trademark multi-part harmony backing vocals, although their music draws on diverse influences including: progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz and even country on occasion. As one of the first bands to fuse progressive with metal, they are a precursor to the progressive metal genre.[citation needed]

In spite of their huge popularity in Britain and continental Europe, Uriah Heep were never able to break into the American market in a big way, with the exception of three hit songs, "Easy Livin' " from the 1972 album Demons and Wizards, "Sweet Lorraine" from the 1972 album The Magician's Birthday (a top ten album in Australia), and "Stealin' " from the 1973 release Sweet Freedom. The band released several commercially successful albums in the 1970s, including the seminal Uriah Heep Live (1973), but their audience declined by the 1980s, to the point where they became essentially a cult band in the US and UK. Uriah Heep maintain a significant following in Germany, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Balkan Peninsula, Japan and Russia, where they still perform at stadium-sized venues.

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