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Peace In The Shelter Chords
Intro: B         F#                
      Oooooo    Wonderful  Peace
       B         C#            F#

Verse 1:         
          F#                                  B
When the cares of life seem more than I can handle

C#                                F#
And clouds of doubt have settled in my soul

F#                                B
When everywhere I turn the storm is raging

C#                            F#
Into the Savior's loving arms I go


F#                          Bbm
There is peace in the shelter of His arms

B                          C#
A refuge from the storm where I am safe from harm

F#                                     Bbm
Through the strongest winds and pouring rain

B                    G#m    C#       F#
There's peace in the shelter of His arms

B     C#      F#

Verse 2:

F#                                    B
There's never been a moment on this journey

C#                         F#
That I have been forsaken or alone

F#                            B
Cause every time I face the unexpected

C#                               F#
My Father gently leads through the unknown

Chorus 1x


E                         B         F#
There's peace that passes all understanding

E                                   G#m  B   C#
And peace that goes beyond all comprehending

Chorus 1x


B                 C#
There's so much peace

Outro: (same as intro)

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