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This World Chords
Selah Sue
This World
Selah Sue
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Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm -  355333
Eb -  x68886
Cm -  x35543
F -   133211
F/A - x032xx
G/B - x2x003
C/E - 032xxx

Intro: Gm-Eb-Cm-F- x4

Verse 1:
             Gm        Eb
This fucking beat real danger
     Cm          F
This world ain't simple
But I'm strong I 
Eb                 Cm F
know how to get out
         Gm      Eb
And I'll find my way cause
           Cm        F
Cause it's love real simple
                  Gm   Eb  Cm F
And that's how it works  oh

So won't you just give it up 
cause you don't understand
C/E                  Eb
   Big it up but you don't 
          Gm Eb C/E Eb
And it's really nice but 
you don't understand
So big it up cause 
    Eb              Gm Eb C/E
you don't understand
Cause you don't understand baby

F                         Gm F
  I feel it's falling down
  Cm        Bb
I know I'll catch it
  You crazy world crazy world
    Gm F  Cm        Bb
yeah    I feel real passionate
F                            Gm F/A
  You feel the sun comes down
     Bb      G/B
I'll make it shine yeah
Cm                                Gm(hold)
  You crazy world crazy world yeah

Post Chorus: Gm-Eb-Cm-F- x2

Verse 2:
      Gm       Eb
I can see your fear cause
     Cm          F
This world ain't simple
But I'm strong I 
Eb               Cm F
know how to stay out
         Gm      Eb
And I'll find my way cause
Cause it's love it's love
it's love it's love 
     Gm         Eb  Cm F
it's loving yeah  oh

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)


Bass Solo:
Gm-- x12

(Repeat Chorus)

Crazy world crazy world yeah
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