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Ai Kale Chords
C         Am     Em      Am
Katha karath api rea wenakan
Kisi wedak na
Atha heriyath oba mage athin
Mata denune na
    Dm              F
Wilawun thawara oba lanwu wath
Mata suwanda na
     F               Em     Dm
Mithuriyan athare ma gena kiiwata
mama tharaha na

C    Em      Am               Dm
Ai kale Mulu hadinma oba mata adare
F           G          C
Nethido oba ma gena danne...
         Am     Dm
Man na kale kisidinakadi oba hata adare
      F      G               C
Nethi do oba hata eya weta hune //

C              Am      Em       Am
Oya as rathu wenathuru oba aduwata
Mata dukak na
Mata rawamin oba benapu wadan
Mata ahune na
     Dm               F
Mage mithuran haa oba haada unath
Mata kamak na
  F                Em      G
E monawa unath oba dun hemade
Yali denne na

|D  |F#m  |Bm  |Em    |
|G  |A    |D   |Dsus4  |
|D  |Bm   |Em  |-     |
|G  |A    |D   |-     |

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