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You And Me Chords
Capo 3 - Play G

G                            Em7
Taking a trip down memory lane
Things have changed one thing remains
                    C/D                     Gmaj7 Daug
That they will always have each other
Gmaj7                                        Em7
And even though those days have gone
They know here is where they belong
                             C/D             Gmaj7
There's some kinda magic in the air

Ebmaj7 Bb/D            Am7             C/D              Gmaj7
~ Feel the warmth That only summer breezes can bring
Cmaj7 Bm7             Em7      F9                 C/D
Sweet little notes of spring begin Nothing to fear

Gmaj7                        Em7
* Taking one step at a time Walking hand in hand
Cmaj7 C/D                              
1234   Cheek to cheek And they're
Gmaj7             Em7
learning how to do that dance
Cmaj7                 Cm7              Bm7   
Let this love be forevermore they say
 Esus4 E     A7Sus4 Am7    C/D                      Gmaj7 Daug
I wish      for this             To be true for you and me

Gmaj7                                      Em7
Holding her close He leading the way
Out at the park Enjoying the day
                   C/D               Gmaj7
And you can tell they'll be ok ~ *
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