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For You Chords
This song is in standard tuning.
This song is AMAZING.  Thank you Keith Urban.

Try to integrate the bar chords, especially during the chorus because you can imitate 
sound gaps better than when using open chords.  First time poster, so be nice.

Also, Thank You to all the Service Men and Women out there.

The Em in this song is played in the following manner:


Bm                      Em
All I saw was smoke and fire
I didnt feel a thing
A                  G
But suddenly I was rising higher
Bm                     Em                  D
And I felt like I just made, the biggest mistake
       A                       Em
When I thought about my unborn child

A                         Em
When I thought about my wife, the answer rang out clear,
from somewhere up above
                   Em                                 G
No greater gift of man, than to lay down his life for love

G  D
      And I wonder,
A               D     G D
would I give my life,
A                  D          G D
Could I make that sacrifice
A                             D                    G
When it came down to it could I take just a little blood,
Yes I would for you.

Bm                  Em
Baby you dont understand,
I dont understand it all myself,
              A                        G
But theres a brother on my left, and another on my right.
Bm                           Em
And in his pockets just like mine,
                 D         A                          G
Hes got a photograph, and theyre waiting for him back home.

And its weighing on my mind.
                     Em                    A
I dont want to be a hero, I don't want to die,
                      Em                      G
But right here in the moment, you dont think twice.

G  D
      And I wonder,
A               D     G D
would I give my life,
A                   D         G D
Could I make that sacrifice
A                             D                    G
When it came down to it could I take just a little blood,
Yes I would for you.

A                            Em
You dont think about right.
You dont think about wrong.
                           Em                D
You just do what you gotta do to defend your own.
A                       Em    D
And I would do the same, for you.
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About the artist behind For You Chords:

Keith Lionel Urban (born 26 October 1967, New Zealand), is a New Zealand-born Australian Grammy Award winning country music singer. Urban began his career in Australia, having moved there at an early age; in 1991, Urban released a self-titled debut album, and charted four singles in Australia before moving to the United States in 1992. Eventually, Urban found work as a session guitarist before founding a group known as The Ranch, which recorded one studio album on Capitol Records and charted one single on the Billboard country charts.In 1996 he appeared on the tribute album to Hank Marvin and The Shadows "Twang" playing the instrumental "Dance On".

Still signed to Capitol, he made his solo American debut in 1999 with the album keith urban; certified platinum in the U.S., it also produced his first American Number One in "But for the Grace of God". His breakthrough hit was the Number One "Somebody Like You", from his second Capitol album Golden Road (2002). This album also earned Urban his first Grammy Award win for "You'll Think of Me", its fourth single and the third Billboard Number One of his career. 2004's Be Here, his third American album, produced three more Number Ones, and became his highest-selling album, earning 4× Multi-Platinum certification. Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing was released in 2006, earning Urban's second Grammy for the song "Stupid Boy", while a Greatest Hits package entitled Greatest Hits: 18 Kids followed in 2008.

To date, Urban has released a total of seven studio albums (one of which was released only in the United Kingdom), as well as one album in The Ranch. He has charted more than fifteen singles on the U.S. country charts, including seven Number Ones. A multi-instrumentalist, Urban plays acoustic and electric guitar, as well as ganjo, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, bouzouki, and papoose.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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