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Lo Ada Ninde Chords
Lo ada nindhe, me rae yaame
Sanda res wathure kimidenne
C                 D
 Ran tharu bebale nil aakaase
Lassana mal waage

[Verse 1]
 Kirala gase gedi diya matha watila
Pahalata besa yai diya alle
C                       D
 Naamal pipilaa nelawei sulange
Suwanda hamaa dasathe
                C                   D
Soobana me nadhiye, soobana me nadhiye
Sanda ras pathirenne

[Verse 2]
G                C        G
 El kethakin ena  deriyakage handa
C                 D      G
 Den den maa hada nalawanne
C                G      D
 Maha rae hindai  ayage gee handa
Dasathama pathirenne
              C                 D
Kawuruda el hene, kawuruda el hene
Gee handa pathuranne
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