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Maybe This Time Chords
(Capo 1st fret)

C              Em
Two Old sweethearts who fell apart
    F       Em              F        Em
Somewhere long ago - how were they to know
        F            Em
that someday they'd meet again
            D         F             G
and have a need for more than reminiscing...
  F          G             Em            F
Maybe this time it'll be loving they'll find -
 F                     G                C
maybe now they can be more than just friends.
 F                 G                     F
She's back in his life and it feels so right
  F              F          C
maybe this time love won't end.

xxx (xxx)
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About the artist behind Maybe This Time Chords:

Michael Martin Murphey was born on 14 March 1945 in Oak Cliff, Texas, the son of Pink and Lois Murphey. He grew up in Dallas, Texas. His love of the outdoors began at an early age when his parents took him and his brother Mark on regular trips to the country to visit relatives. When he was six years old, Murphey started riding horses on his grandfather's and uncle's ranches. Years later he would remember sleeping on his grandfather's porch under the stars listening to the older man's stories and cowboy songs. He also enjoyed being around these men of the land as they went about their work. These experiences made a deep impression on the young boy.[1]

During these early years, Murphey developed a special love for cowboy songs and stories. He was also an avid reader, especially drawn to the books of Mark Twain and William Faulkner. As a youth, he enjoyed writing poetry and loved listening to his uncle's old 78 rpm records — particularly the music of country and folk artists such as Hank Williams, Bob Wills, and Woody Guthrie. In junior high school, he began performing as an amateur. At the age of seventeen, he took his first "professional" music job, playing western songs around the campfire at a Texas ranch. By the early 1960s, Murphey was playing the clubs in Dallas, performing country music, folk music, and rock music. He won over the conservative Texas audiences with his charm and talent, and soon formed a band that developed a significant following in the Dallas area.[2]

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