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Alcoholic Chords

A F#m7 
You're the chaser to my Crown Royal
Bm E7
Body like a Coke bottle
A F#m7
and with every drink Bm
I can't help but think
How smooth you go down yeah

A F#m7
Baby girl I love your flavor
Bm E7
you're the Rockstar after that Jaeger
A F#m7
Southern Comfort when I need to be held
Bm E7
So in love with you girl

A F#m7
I'm so drunk off your love girl i'm buzzin Bm E7
And I can't get enough, of your lovin
A F#m7
Sippin you down girl I love it

Hook; Bm
You're the reason i'm an alcoholic

Verse 2:
A F#m7
You're the juice that makes my knees weak
Bm E7
my grey goose, baby you complete the mix drink
A F#m7
My Patron i'm takin shots of you
Bm E7
So Into you, you're my Malibu
A F#m7
My passion for you like my Alize'
Bm E7
Baby it turns blue when you go away
A F#m7
So in love you girl
Bm E7
So thirsty


Dmaj7 C#m7 
Your love is the only love i'm tastin
Bm7 A-A7
Cuz baby girl, you're so intoxicating
Dmaj7 C#m7
So imma keep sippin your love
Bm7 E7
Girl I never been so drunk

Pre-hook, hook

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