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Free Chords
Intro    Dm     G
         Bb  C  Dm

Verse       (Intro Chords x2)
         If you're scared and walk away
         There's no need to feel ashamed
         Yeah we all feel the same
         I fell in love with rock and roll
         Until I found out it was false
         And plastered on a face for me

Bridge   Bb    C   F                   F/E
         Wooah, where's your passion? where's your fire tonight?
         Wooah, I can't believe there's nothing you're willing to hide
         Wooah, I want to believe
         Bb                C
         I set my body on fire, so I could be...

Chorus                   F  Dm         Am Bb
                         F  Dm         Am C
         So I could be free, yeah
                         F  Dm         Am Bb
         So I could be free, 
                         F  Dm         Am Bb C
         So I could be free, yeah

Verse    And don't be told it can't be done
         Because the best all die young
         Yeah we all feel the same
         And if there's nothing left to say
         Just have the guts to disagree
         Or plaster on a face for me



Middle   Bb  F   Dm Am         (I'm not 100% on the chords to this section)
         Bb  F   Bb-C-Dm-C-F
         Bb  F   Dm
         Bb  F   Bb-C-Dm-C-F



End on   C

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