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The King Is Coming Chords
Em               Bm      A
Empty hearts are filling up
Em              Bm       A
Wicked ways are coming undone
Em           Bm      A       G
Every eye is looking out for You
Em              Bm      A
City lights are burning out
Em                Bm       A
Freedom's song is ringing loud
Em              Bm         A       G
Dead men waking up to the sound of You
And all our hearts can sing

All our hearts can sing is

Make a way for
Make a way for 
Em     D/F# G      A
Make a way for the King

The King is coming

Palm mute first half of verse 2

Em                      Bm A
Split the sky with your glory
Em               Bm    A
Bring to life an awakening
Em              Bm          A        G
Burn away everything thats not for You
Em              Bm      A
Hear our voices crying out
Em                 Bm            A
We wont stop til heavens come down
Em                 Bm         A       G
We wont stop til every knee bows to You
And all our hearts will sing is

Open up the doors
Open up the doors
Lift your eyes to see
Our King is coming

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About the artist behind The King Is Coming Chords:

Newsboys (sometimes stylized as newsboys) is a Grammy Award-nominated Contemporary Christian pop rock band. The band was formed in Australia in 1985 and has been one of the most popular and best-selling Christian music artists of the past two decades.

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