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Closer Wrap Me In Your Arms Chords
Blanca Reyes, William McDowell

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INTRO: C#, Ab, Bb, F, F, F#, F, Eb, C#, C#, (2x)

C#                                             Bbm
    Into Your arms I'm drawing near again
                                                   Ebm7                     F#maj9
To dwell with You is my only heart's desire; My only heart's desire
C#                                                  Bbm
     All I can do is fall on my knees and cry
                                                 Ab F#m9
Cleanse me with fire, and purify my heart

F#/Ab   Ab C#                    
Draw    me close, 
               Bbm               Fm       F#m7
closer than before Closer than I've ever been

Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms

Bridge 2:
                      Bbm                       Bbm
Take me to that place, Lord---To that secret place where---
              Fm                           F#maj7
I can be with You----You can make me like You

Verse 2:
       Bbm        Ab           F#m7
There is--- a God---Who loves me

Bbm        Ab            F#m7
Who wraps---me in--- His arms
        Bbm          Ab                          F#m7
And there--- is a place---where I'm changed
      Bbm         Ab          F#m7
And that's---Where I---belong

I really like the song.
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