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Perro Amor Explota Tab
Intro de acorde0n:

Em        G
En un pais de mudos
C         B7
se escucha un gran silencio,
no se percibe
que algo va a pasar.

Se esconde lo sublime
detras de un nuevo engendro
que derrama baba
sobre la ciudad.

Adrenalina desalmada
abre grietas ondas.
Nada recicla esta contenci0n,
el choque no se puede evitar.

G|--------------------------------------------------------| Inter con
D|--------7-------------------------------7----------9-7--|  acorde0n

Esta tan contenido
Que se hace invisible
Y en lava hirviendo
abajo de tu hogar.

Tarea de alegria
apenas huele sangre y
no se conforma
con alucinar.

G|-------------------------------------------------7-----------| Inter con
D|--------7-------------------------------7----------10-9-7----|  acorde0n

C               E F# G
Muy lejos del mar
C             E    
se encierra otra sal.
G           A
Crecen sus ojos
como un destello
que no te deja dormir.

Hambre de perro quiero
oliendo tu dulzura,
y cuando esta caliente
muerde la yugular.

Mata porque quiere morir
Pero no sabe c0mo.
No quiere ser feliz
ni quiere descansar.

Em     G       C       B7
Mira adonde dejas la basura,
Em     G    C    B7
el amor explota.
Em      G       C       B7
Nadie esta salvo de la locura
Em     G    C     B7
pero amor te toca.

Solo de acorde0n

Muy lejos del mar
se encierra otra sal.
Lleva en sus ojos
senas de un tiempo
que pronto esta por venir.

Perro caliente    
no deja nada,     |
el amor explota.  |  Sin
Perro con hambre  | musica
perro con bolas,  |
el amor explota.  /

te mete balas,    |
el amor explota.  | Entra el
Un amor perro     | acorde0n
no se controla,   |
el amor explota.  /

Em G  C  B7
(El amor explota...)
°Muerde, muerde... muerde la yugular!
(El amor explota...)
°Perro que ladra no muerde!
Pero muerde...
(El amor explota...)
si no lo dejan ladrar.
(El amor explota...)
porque quiere morir!
Perro amor!!!
(El amor explota...)
Perro explota, explota, explota, explota...
(El amor explota...)
B7 Em

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About the artist behind Perro Amor Explota Tab:

Bersuit Vergarabat, formed formally in 1989, is one of the most important Argentine rock bands of the 1990s/2000s. The previous name of the band (since 1987 to May, 1989) was Henry y la Palangana.

After two albums of underground transgressor rock, the band started mixing it with Latin American rhythms such a cumbia, chacarera, candombe and cuartetazo. The lyrics, though, remained acid and critical with regard to political and social problems.

The current formation is Gustavo Cordera (vocals), Juan Carlos Subirá (keyboards, accordion, and vocals), Carlos Martín (drums and percussion), Oscar Righi (guitar), Rene Isel "Pepe" Céspedes (bass and vocals), Daniel Suárez (vocals and chorus), Alberto Verenzuela (guitar and harmonica), and Carlos "Cóndor" Sbarbati (vocals, chorus and charango); previous members include Charly Bianco (guitar and vocals) and Rubén Sadrinas (vocals).

In honor of Buenos Aires' José Tiburcio Borda psychiatric hospital, the band often performs in clinical pajamas; though there is no truth to the urban legend of Cordera spending some time in that institution, the band has demonstrated an affinity for everything related to madness and marginalization.

In addition to finding success in Buenos Aires' underground movement and then nationwide, Bersuit Vergarabat has attracted fans from many countries in Latin America as well as in Spain.

The band's success beyond Latin America hinges largely on their ability to constantly reinvent themselves, as with their late 1990s venture into ska music, popular in the United States at the time.

One of the band's signature songs, "El Tiempo No Para", from their album Y Punto, is a cover of "O Tempo N√£o Para" by the Brazilian musician Cazuza. In his honor, Gustavo Cordera sings one of the song's verses in the live version in Portuguese.

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