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Hard Luck Woman Chords
Intro:  G F C


C                               F
I pulled my Diamond REO into a truck stop down the road
G                               C
I asked for toast and coffee and the waitress told me no
C                               F
She said she'd heard about me and all the wrong I'd done
G                               C
About how I'd left my woman for this trucking I'd begun


G7           Am9
Here today, gone tomorrow
It's a hard luck woman
G                        C
Taking to a truck loving man


A friend sat down beside me and he told me not to pine
It takes a certain breed of man to leave a home behind
I started into drinking and a thinking about my life
If you want to be an all night trucking man
Can't expect to have an all night wife


I'm thinking about my story as I drive on down the line
I wonder about my wife at home and how she spends her time
And as the night drives on and on, my mind begins to shake
I'd rather have a woamn lay me down thean all these 
Bennies to keep me awake.

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