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Come To Jesus Chords
Come To Jesus   Key: C

Verse 1:
Cm                 Bb                   G# 	
Nothing can separate us from this love
Cm            Bb                Dm7    Gm 
No sin no any other thing
Cm            Bb                        G# 
You were called for such a time as this
Cm            Bb                         Dm7
So turn to God don't turn away

Verse 2: (Chords are the same as Verse 1)
There's a voice its calling out to you
So open up your ears and hear
There's a destiny that waits for you
So now's the time to make a way

                                 Cm      Bb 
Just run into His arms
                                           G#         Bb
No matter what you've done
                                      Cm     Bb 
Just look into His eyes
And see the loving grace of God

                   G#        Cm 
Come to Jesus
He is everything you need
                   G#        Cm
Just turn to jesus
He is everything you seek
                   G#        Cm 
Just come to Jesus
He is everything you need
           Dm7                     D#/E        G#
More than the air you breathe today

        Bb       Cm          G#
I will run into Your arms  x 4

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