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I Will Stand Chords
I think this is pretty accurate...

Intro:  D  Em  C  D

G                                   Em
I will not be the one, who turns his back and runs

C                                                          D
When things get rocky down the line

G                                            Em
And I will not be the one, holdin' the smokin' gun

C                                                           D
If our love don't stand the test of time

C                    G             Em       C         D
I'll love you forever; I will be your man

C                    D                       G
Beside you always, I will stand

G                               Em
I didn't say "I do," to take control of you

C                                                    D
I have no chains to hold you down

G                                                         Em
If you'll let me spread my wings, you'll get the best of me

C                                                         D
Deep in your heart is where I'm bound

C                 G	                 Em          C      D
I will not forsake you; I will take your hand

C                   D                       G
Beside you always, I will stand

C                              G
No matter what happens

Em            D                      C                 Em
This feeling will stay till the day that I die

G                              D                  Em
You'll fill up the heart of my soul

That I'll take to the other side

G                                                 Em
And you'll be the only one, when all is said and done

C                                               D
I'll keep you close to me I swear

G                                    Em
If ever you are down, no need to look around

C                                                      D
Just close your eyes and I'll be there

C                    G                                      D
I'll love you forever, I will be your man

C                    D                      G
Beside you always, I will stand

Fade Out:   G   Em   C   D   G

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About the artist behind I Will Stand Chords:

Kenny Chesney (born Kenneth Arnold Chesney, March 26, 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee[1] ) is an American country music singer-songwriter. Having made his debut on Capricorn Records in 1993, Chesney has recorded thirteen albums, eleven of which have been certified gold or higher by the RIAA.

To date, he has also produced more than thirty Top Ten singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, thirteen of which reached Number One. In addition, Chesney has received six ACM (including four consecutive Entertainer of the Year Awards),[2] as well as three CMA awards. Chesney is also one of the most popular touring acts in country music, regularly selling out the venues at which he performs;[3][4] his 2007 Flip-Flop Summer Tour was the highest-grossing country road trip of 2007.[5] He was awarded his 4th consecutive ACM Entertainer of the Year award on May 18, 2008.

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