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Ridgetop Chords
jesse comming to play in my little town next month and going to see him for the first 
time , rembered a song that i listend to so much i heard it in my sleep sat down and gave 
it another go this is what i came up with:

Bm                          Em                        Bm
  Well, I live on a ridgetop lord knows I like it just fine,

Em                                     Bm
  Where its windy and foggy and quite most all the time,

Em                                         Bm
  Will my lawn is pine needles my driveway ole funky dirt,

G             A           F#m                   
Bm (pause)
  My front pathway markers are pieces of granite and cref (cant make out that word)

The cord progession just keeps repeating throught the song. The only part i havent got 
is the middle where the band lets go, I will have to work on that and see what I come up 
with anyway, there you are ,anybody else want to give a try and help document this 70's classic.
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