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Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab - Stardust

Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab
           This is acoustic version of very nice song from Stardust, 
it's called Music Sounds Better With You. I based on acoustic
 cover of this song from Pony Pony Run Run (link bellow). 
                         I hope you enjoy it ! ;D

Em7:  |022030|
Fmaj7:|102210| or Am but instead strum E you strum A string 
G:    |320033|

Em7   Fmaj7   Em7   Fmaj7   Em7    Fmaj7
     Ooooh baby                 I feel night

G     Fmaj7   G     Fmaj7    G     Fmaj7
The music sounds better with you      ...

Aaaaaaaaaaand whooooole sooooong liiiiike theeeeeere

Pony Pony Run Run cover  :
Stardust original version:

Tablature player for this song:
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic tabs @ 911Tabs

Quick tip, so you can enjoy Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab even more:

Try out the AutoScroller option ... It scrolls the page for you, so you can totally focus on nailing that solo. You can choose among different speeds using your mouse or your keyboard (keys 0, 1, 2 and 3).

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