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Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab - Stardust

Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab
           This is acoustic version of very nice song from Stardust, 
it's called Music Sounds Better With You. I based on acoustic
 cover of this song from Pony Pony Run Run (link bellow). 
                         I hope you enjoy it ! ;D

Em7:  |022030|
Fmaj7:|102210| or Am but instead strum E you strum A string 
G:    |320033|

Em7   Fmaj7   Em7   Fmaj7   Em7    Fmaj7
     Ooooh baby                 I feel night

G     Fmaj7   G     Fmaj7    G     Fmaj7
The music sounds better with you      ...

Aaaaaaaaaaand whooooole sooooong liiiiike theeeeeere

Pony Pony Run Run cover  :
Stardust original version:

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Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You Acoustic Tab :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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