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Hush-a-bye Chords
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Hushabye chords
The Mystics (D. Pomus/M. Schuman) *

A B7 E C#m F#m B7 E

C  Am    F         G7
Ooooooh   Hush hush hushabye 2x

C         Am       F             G7
Hushabye, hushabye, oh my darlin' don't you cry
C               Am      F                G7
Guardian angels up above take care of the one I love

C  Am    F         G7
Ooooooh   Hush hush hushabye
C  Am    F         G7
Ooooooh   Hush hush hushabye
C    F    C    C7
Oooh oooh oooh

F   G7      C     Am     Dm    G7         C   C7
Lullabye and goodnight in your dreams I hold you tight
     F   G7      C      Am      Dm    G7    C
Lullabye and goodnight, 'til the dawn's early light

C             Am          F             G7
Pillows lying on your bed, oh my darling rest your head
C               Am          F             G7
Sandman will be coming soon, singing you a slumber tune

C  Am    F         G7
Ooooooh   Hush hush hushabye
C  Am    F         G7       C  C7
Ooooooh   Hush hush hushabye

A B7 E C#m F#m B7 E

* Alternate:

C   = Bb
C#m = Bm
F   = D#
B7  = A7
C   = Bb
E7  = D7
F#m = Em


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