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Its Your Blood Chords
          A                   F#m
It's Your Blood that cleanses me
          D                   E
It's Your Blood that gives me life
          D                  E
It's Your Blood that took my place
     A            F#m
In redeeming sacrifice
           D   Dm
And washes me,
                A              F#m
Whiter than the snow, than the snow
   Bm           E           A
My Jesus, God's living sacrifice
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About the artist behind Its Your Blood Chords:

The Association of Vineyard Churches, also known as the Vineyard Movement, is a Christian organization of over 1,500 churches worldwide.[1] External observers generally regard this to be a denomination. However, Vineyard Church leaders and most laity do not consider the Vineyard a denomination per se or refer to it as such, seeing denominational labels as divisive and discouraging them accordingly.

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