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Letter Home Tab
This is a really good song by a really sweet band

This part is played right in the beggining from "Dear friend....stop this stupid war"
d|---------------------------------------------------------|    2x

Then it goes like this


pretty much thats all the guitar for the song so youll have to listen to it to find out 
where when and how they play it.

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About the artist behind Letter Home Tab:

Defiance, Ohio is an anti-capitalist, largely acoustic punk (typically referred to as folk-punk) band from Columbus, Ohio. They are known for their extensive touring and intense, enthusiastic live shows. They are named after the real town Defiance, Ohio. The band features a violin, cello, and double bass. The band is also known for being involved with fellow DIY minded record label Plan-It-X Records, often touring with many bands on Plan-It-X Records and participating in multiple Plan-It-X Fests.

They have released three full length LPs, Share What Ya Got, The Great Depression and The Fear, the Fear, the Fear, as well as a handful of split recordings. In the DIY spirit, much of their music is put out by the band themselves, producing their own CDs and CD-Rs, as well as allowing anyone to download all of their music for free from their website under a Creative Commons Attribute-NonCommerical-ShareAlike license [1]. When not releasing their own music, the band works with independent record labels in order to produce their releases. Typically these have been smaller independent labels. However, the band has worked with the more notable though still staunchly independent No Idea Records.

After making the decisions to work with No Idea, the band felt a need to explain their actions and maintain the sense of dialog that they feel has been consistent in how they've operated themselves as a band. They said that they would have preferred to release the album themselves, but that they did not have the capacity to do so while continuing to keep older releases in print. Their third full-length CD, The Fear, The Fear, The Fear, was released on No Idea on December 4th.

Some members from Defiance, Ohio also participate in other bands, [Pretty Hot, pop-punk band], [Memento Mori, metallic hardcore band, now defunct], (Hymns, a punk band), and other musical projects.

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