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I Will Chords
As Performed by Ben Taylor
Written by: John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Capo 2 (All chords relative to the capo)

A        F#m        Bm         E
Who knows how long I've loved you?
     A      F#m       C#m    
You know I love you still.
 A7     D      E      F#m       Bm  A
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
        D       E    A    F#m  Bm  E
If you want me to I will.

D          E     F#m
   Love you forever and forever,
    D            E       A
   Love you with all my heart.
    D           E     F#m
   Love you whenever we're together,
    B                    E
   Love you when we're apart.

For if I ever saw you,
I didn't catch your name.
But it never really mattered;
I will always feel the same.


And when at last I find you,
A song will fill the air.
Sing it loud so I can hear you.
Make it easy to endear you to me,
Ah, you know I will.

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About the artist behind I Will Chords:

Ben Taylor (born Benjamin Simon Taylor on January 22, 1977) is a musician and actor. He is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon. His sister, Sally Taylor, is also a musician.

On his first released album Famous Among the Barns and his EP #1, Taylor collaborated with friends Adam MacDougall and Larry Ciancia to form "The Ben Taylor Band." Ultimately deciding that this path (which yielded music that Taylor describes as "neo-psychodelic folk funk") did not represent his true musical nature, Taylor released a follow-up solo album that is much more acoustic in nature and more in line with his family roots. That solo effort, Another Run Around the Sun, featured background vocals by his sister and mother, drumming by Larry Ciancia (of The Ben Taylor Band), and bass guitar by Kevin Bacon (not the actor) who also produced.

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