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Tulad Ng Dati Chords
Tulad ng Dati
The Dawn
tabbed by albert de los santos

Intro riff 1

Intro riff 2 :(yun din, pero walang palm mute)

Verses 1 & 2(do intro riff 1 several times)

           Em      C#m
Kung may bagyo, o kung tag-araw
Em                 A
Sa iyong damdamin

E5          C#5         E5
Sana ay makilala kang muli
Tulad ng Dati
   E5        C#5        E5
halika at lumapit kang muli
tulad ng dati

Pre verse: (do Intro riff 2 (2x))

Verse 2
Interlude:(do intro riff 2 several times, merong keyboards sa part na un)
chorus x2

Solo (di ko alam eh...)

pasensya di ko alam ung solo. sa susunod baka alam ko na.
paki-rate naman.

pinoy rock is very much alive.

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About the artist behind Tulad Ng Dati Chords:

Concord Dawn, (Evan Short & Matt Harvey), is a New Zealand Drum and Bass group, active since mid 1999. They were very popular on the local bNet / Student Radio stations and were getting some prime time airplay. They were featured at the top of the weekly top ten’s, even breaking records at some stations for staying at the number one spot for as long as they did. After about a year of this underground success, they were courted by local electronic music label Kog Transmissions and released their first album named Concord Dawn in July 2000.

After touring the album throughout New Zealand they released their second album Disturbance in April 2001 and received "Best Electronic Album" and "Best Independent Release" at the 2001 bNet Music Awards. Both albums received strong reviews in all forms of media. Not only was Concord Dawn praised for their releases, but also for their energetic live performance. For the next year they went into hiatus to refine their sound further, with Evan heading to London for 5 months to immerse himself in the culture of the Drum and Bass of which England is the homeland. Upon his return to New Zealand, they started working on their 3rd album: Uprising. Tracks like “Morning Light” and “Don’t Tell Me” found very high international acclaim well before the album’s release. Uprising was released in New Zealand in September 2003 and reached gold sales status in 3 months.

With Concord Dawn now well established internationally and their catalogue now being distributed worldwide they went off on a world tour, traveling all over the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. At the 2003 BNet music awards “Morning Light” won "Best Song" and "Most Radio Play" and at the 2004 bNet music awards Uprising received "Best Album" and "Best Electronic Release". Concord Dawn were also nominated for "Best Electronic Act" at the 2004 New Zealand music awards but narrowly missed out to Salmonella Dub. Work on their long awaited 4th album was completed in early 2005 and was titled Chaos By Design by the two to express the album’s musically eclectic nature. The album and singles won critical acclaim worldwide with various tracks off the albums being signed to some big and respected Drum and Bass labels such as Metalheadz, Ram Records and Hospital Recordings. After this they went on another full world tour. Matt relocated to Vienna, Austria, to work the European side of the business harder and Evan covering New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Americas from New Zealand. Work on their 5th album will start in early 2007.

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