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Knowing Youll Be There Chords - Gaither

Knowing Youll Be There Chords
capo 4 
D                                      G             D
The other day i passed the place,you always liked to go
                                    Em                 Asus4
and i picked up the phone because, i thought you wanna know
D                               G                    E
but i forgot you weren't there i miss you all these days, 
D                                         Asus4
that I am reminded of your smile and the funny things you'd 
D                                     G               D
i see you most at Christmas, you were like, a little kid
D                                  E             Asus4
you always loved a good surprise, and now i must admit, that 
D                        G            E
i long more for heaven than ever did before
D                                Asus4              D
you give me one more reason and each day i want it more

G                                  D
knowing we can spend a life time reminiscing on the past, 
G                                        D               Asus4
knowing i will see your face again where tender moments last
it makes me wanna go there
 G                  Bm 
knowing i wont be alone
knowing you'll be there
          Asus4        D
makes it easy to go home

Capo 5

you left a group of fisherman
G                    D
somehow, you left me too
                                    E                 Asus4
though i have felt you many times, i know you saw me through
D                                   G               Asus4
i always long to feel your arms and look into your eyes, and 
D                         Asus4             D
talk forever me and you somewhere in paradise.
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Knowing Youll Be There

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