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We All Die Young Chords
Tabbed by: Ryanlyons1415
                                We All Die Young

Capo 4

Intro: A  A/F#  D D/C#  D  D/C#     
(Hammer on the first Chord A) and play the F#(of the A/F#)on the 4th string instead of the 6th 

Verse 1
A          A/F#
Risk my soul
D           D/C#  D
Test my life
For my bread
A          A/F#
Spend my time
D             D/C#  D
Lost in space
Am I dead?

Pre-chorus 1
  A            D
Oh Let the river flow
   D/C# D          D/C#
Through my callused hands
  A          D
And take me from my own 
D/C#  D          D/C#
The eyes of the damned

G  D/F#   D2  Asus
            It makes my stomach turn
G  D/F#   D2  Asus
        And it tears my flesh from bone
G  D/F#   D2  Asus
        How it turns our dream to stone
    G  D/F# D  Asus		A  A/F#  D D/C#  D  D/C#     
And we all die young

Pre-Chorus 2
Oh tell me I know
I live so afraid
And still we cry alone
With words left unsaid

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