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Majesty Chords
Ok guys I know this looks really hard but these are the accurate names of the notes.
all you have to do is play bar chords...some of the notes are plucked with the electric or 
you have any question about these chords just put them in

If its looks complicated all you have to do is take the 5's and #'s out and just play 
bar chords of those notes..oh and the E that I have put in is the actual E and the E5 is 
bar chord


Intro: B5   F#5  C#5  E5 x3
G#5  F#5  E 4th time

Rising I feel my heart sing
G#5         E
Praises our Lord and King
The wonder, the majesty
G#5                 E
Welcome the king of Glory in

Verse Bass: B5 G#5  F#5  E5

      G#5       F#5   E
Every tribe and every tongue
      B5   C5    E
Every land will sing Your praise
       G#5/F#5/E      F#5
To the end of time we sing

B5       F#5
All majesty
       C5         E5
To the God of creation
B5       F#5
All majesty
       C5       E5
God of all generations
B5             F#5
This anthem we sing
       C5          E5
To the God of all nations
B5       F#5
All majesty
We sing

Hope you me if you have any amazing song for praise and worship

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Quick tip, so you can enjoy Majesty Chords even more:

If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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