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Autumn Chords
Autumn Leaves By Paolo Nutini

Tabbed by Stephen Mc Guire
Dedicated to auld Stevie Mc Guire.



A/Asus2/Asus4 x2

A/Asus2  Asus4         F#m    E
 Autumn  leaves, under frozen souls
A/Asus2  Asus4          F#m      E
 Hungry  hands, turning soft and cold
 D       E                 F#m       E      D
 My hero cried as we stood out there in the cold
 D                         E                      A/Asus2/Asus4
 Like these autumn leaves, I dont have nothing to hold

 A/Asus2/Asus4           F#m      E
 Handsome smile, wearing handsome shoes
 A          Asus2/Asus4       F#m      E
 Too young   to say, though I swear he knew
 D          E                F#m        E      D
 I hear him singing while he sits there in his chair
 D                         E                 A/Asus2/Asus4
 While these autumn leaves float around everywhere

 Bm           A              E               D       A
 I look at you and I see me, making noise so restlessly
 Bm               A                   
 But now its quiet and I can hear you saying
 E                       D
 My little fish dont cry, my little fish dont cry

A/Asus2/Asus4        F#m   E
 Autumn leaves, have faded now
 A/Asus2/ Asus4               F#m       E
 That smile i lost, well I've found somehow
 D                E             F#m E   D
 'Cause you still live on in my fathers eyes
 D            E       F#m      E      D
 These autumn leaves, oh these autumn leaves
 D               E                  A/Asus2/Asus4/A
 Oh these autumn leaves are yours tonight

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About the artist behind Autumn Chords:

Paolo Giovanni Nutini (born 9 January 1987) is a Scottish singer/songwriter from Paisley. His father is of Italian descent, from Barga, Tuscany, and his mother is Scottish, although his father's family has been in Scotland for four generations.

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