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Longer Chords
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Longer  by Dan Fogelberg


G  Am7  Gmaj7/B  C  G  Am7  Gmaj7/B  C  G  Am7  Gmaj7/B  C  Bb  D7/A

G  C/G  D

G      Am7                 Gmaj7/B      C
Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean
G      Am7      Gmaj7/B   C
Higher than any bird ever flew
G      Am7                Gmaj7/B         C
Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens
Bb                D7/A
I've been in love with you
G  C/G  D

Stronger than any mountain cathedral
Truer than any tree ever grew
Deeper than any forest primeval
I am in love with you
(don't do the G C/G D here)
F+2/C  C     Eb+2/Bb       Bb
I'll   bring fire in the winters
F+2/C  C     Eb+2/Bb       Bb
You'll send showers in the spring
F+2/C  C  Eb+2/Bb               Bb
We'll fly through the falls and summers
D7sus/G  D7/F#       Dm7/F  D7/F#
With love     on our wings

Through the years as the fire starts to mellow
Blurring lines in the book of our lives
Though the binding's cracked and the pages start to yellow
I'll be in love with you
G  G/A
Bb              D7/A      G
I'll be in love with you

F+2/C  C  Eb+2/Bb  Bb  F+2/C  C  Eb+2/Bb  Bb  F+2/C  C  Eb+2/Bb  Bb

D7sus/G  D7/F#  Dm7/F  D7/F#

repeat first verse
after "I've been in love with you"

G  G/A
Bb      D7/A
I am in love with you
G  G/A  Bb  D7/A  G

Weird chord shapes - Dan uses some weird ones

G		320001
Am7		x02010
Gmaj7/B		x24030
C		x32010
Bb		x13331
D7/A		x00212
C/G		302010
D		004230
F+2/C		03x213
Eb+2/Bb		6x5260  or   0153x1
D7sus/G		005530
D7/F#		004530
Dm7/F#		003530

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About the artist behind Longer Chords:

Daniel Grayling Fogelberg (August 13, 1951 – December 16, 2007) was an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose music was inspired by sources as diverse as folk, pop, classical, jazz, and bluegrass music.

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