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Light Voices Long Rides Chords
Great little song from an amazing guy.  Any comments/criticisms appreciated, Stuart.

Capo on the 3rd fret.


      C        E7      F      Fm        C        E   F            C

b|-----1p0-----0-------1---1--1-3 1-----1------------1------------1
g|-------------1-------2-0h2--1-----1 0-0------------2------------0
d|-0h2---------0-------3---3--3---------2-0h2--------3--3 2 0 0h2-2

VERSE: (Hamer on the C)

      C           E7           F                 Fm

And I fell to the ground and I thought I heard a voice

         C                E                          F  (repeat end of intro)

It was a lie, said you're coming, you're coming back home

         C             E7        F             Fm

Said you lived way too long in a body not your own

        C             E             F   (repeat end of intro)

So come on 'cause the road is not a home


         F                  C

And if I fall you'll follow me

                     F                  C

You'll crawl on your knees through everything

                F                            C
Say look at the clock, but you're looking at me

        E7                                           F          C

It's 11:11, we should be wishing, but that's not for me

                 F        C

That's not for me

                 F                       C                      E7

I've done enough wishing for you and for me and look where it's got me

              F      C

On the ground


F  C  F  C (hammering) E7

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