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Cant Live A Day Chords
can't live a day

intro; A-F#M-D-Bm-E

Stanza I
A                  F#M
I could live life alone
and never know the longings of my heaRt
        Bm                 E      
the healing warmth of someone's arms
    A                      F#M
and i could live without dreams
and never know the thrill of what could be
       Bm           E              Bm
with every star so far and out of reach
i could live without many things
      D     -      E
and i could carry on,  but

            A             E
i couldn't face my life tomorrow
without Your hope in my heart i know
   B            A           E
i can't live a day without You
                   A                    E
Lord, there's no night and there's no morning
without Your loving arms to hold me
             B         A    D
Your the heartbeat of all i do
                 E          A - F#M - D - Bm - E
i can't live a day without You

oh i could travel the world
see all the wonders beautiful and new
they'd only make to think of YOu
and i could have all life offers
riches that were far beyond compare
to grant my every wish without a care
oh i could do anything. oh yes
and i could carry on, but

repat chorus;

     D       F#M      
oh Jesus, i live because You live
        Bm             E
You're like the air i breathe
     D      F#M    
oh Jesus i have because You give
         Bm           E
You're everything to me! (",)

Repeat Chorus

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About the artist behind Cant Live A Day Chords:

Avalon, released in 1982, was Roxy Music's eighth studio album, recorded in 1982 at Compass Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, it is generally regarded as the culmination of the smoother, more adult-oriented sound of the band's later work. It was a huge commercial success, hitting #1 in the UK (for 3 weeks) and staying on the album charts for over a year. Although it only climbed as high as #53, Avalon is notable as the band's only platinum record in the US. Continuing a Roxy Music tradition, Bryan Ferry's girlfriend Lucy Helmore appeared on the cover wearing a medieval helmet and carrying a falcon. The image evoked King Arthur's last journey to the mysterious land of Avalon. The lush arrangements and synthesizer drenched sound of Avalon later found its way onto Bryan Ferry's solo follow-up album Boys and Girls (1985).

A single, "More Than This," preceded the album and was a Top 10 hit in Britain (#6), Australia (#6) and most European countries. Although a chart failure in the US, the song was popular on the college radio circuit. It is unusual for a pop song in that Ferry's vocal ends at 2.45 minutes, leaving the last 1.45 minutes as a synth-driven instrumental. It has since become regarded as a classic Roxy Music song. In 1997, a cover of "More Than This" performed by 10,000 Maniacs with the lead singer Mary Ramsey became a US hit when it reached 25 on US Hot 100.

The title track was released as the album's second single and also became a UK Top 20 hit. A third extract, "Take a Chance With Me," with a remixed version of album track "The Main Thing" on the b-side, reached UK #26 and was Roxy Music's last UK hit single. The extended remix of "The Main Thing" is only available on the 1995 box set, The Thrill of It All. New York DJ duo Rub N Tug released an official dance remix in early 2007.

"The Main Thing" was also used in a 2006 television advertisement for the Vauxhall Vectra, which was based around football and featured Pierluigi Collina. Pianos were added to the track in the advertisement version.

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