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Superman Chords
I tried my best to put chords correct...hope u enjoy

I've been heading in the wrong direction
Hiding from my own protection
G					    C
Running but my heart was standing still
I guess you saw the light inside me
Your love has been a torch to guide me
I hope I can be all that you deserve

Well I'm no superman
But I'll love you that best I can
G	Am	D
And you know I'm just flesh and bones, but with you
I feel I'm flying
G			  Am
Don't you know I'm no superman
But I'll always be your man

I was searching for a heart that's beating
As fast as the way I'm feeling
Trying to find some peace there in my soul
You know it was your love that saved me
The answer to my prayers you gave me
And I hope I'll be all you deserve

[Repeat chorus]

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About the artist behind Superman Chords:

Ronan Keating (born March 3, 1977 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish pop singer who has had hits with boyband Boyzone and as a solo artist.

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