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Panaginip Chords

Standard Tuning: EADGBe
Submitted by: Eric
0 = open string
x = dead string

EM7   : 01324x (7th Fret)
Ebm7  : 013121 (6th Fret)
DM7   : 01324x (5th Fret)
C#m7  : 013121 (4th Fret)
Eb/D  : 0132xx (6th Fret)
Db/C  : 0132xx (4th Fret)
CM7   : 01324x (3rd Fret)
CM7/G : 003241 (3rd Fret)
C#m7  : 01324x (4th Fret)
Am7   : 003240 (1st Fret)
Gm7   : 004321 (2nd Fret)
C/FM7 : 011234 (3rd Fret)
A     : 001230
Esus  : 011111 (2nd Fret)
BbM7  : 01324x (1st Fret)

EM7-Ebm7-DM7-C#m7 (2x)

[Verse 1]
Laging nawawala
Laging naghahanap sayo
Walang magagawa
Laging naghihintay sayo

DM7               CM7
Kulayan mo ngayon aking mundo
CM7/G          C#m7 DM7
Bigyan liwanag at buhay
DM7           CM7
Di inaasahang sapitin mo ito
CM7/G              C#m7 DM7
Langit sa gitna ng yakap mo

[Do the intro chords]
Sa panaginip lang
Tanging wala kang kapantay
Sa panaginip lang
Tanging walang kapantay

[Verse 2]
Walang katulad pa
Sarap ng ating pagsasama
Tanging ligaya ka
Laman ng isip ko sa tuwina

DM7               CM7
Kulayan mo ngayon aking mundo
CM7/G          C#m7 DM7
Bigyan liwanag at buhay
DM7           CM7
Di inaasahang sapitin mo ito
CM7/G              C#m7 DM7
Langit sa gitna ng yakap mo

[repeat chorus]

Kapag nagdidilim
DM7               Gm7 CM7
Naghihintay parin ako
C/FM7           BbM7
Kahit na sa panaginip lang
A                      Esus
Nanabik parin ang puso ko

[Repeat Chorus]

Sa panaginip lang (3x)
Kita makakasama yeah...

Newbie dito...hope magustuhan nyo 'tong astig na kanta ng POT
hehe my first post dito sa UG... email nyo lang ako if you have comments and 
thanks  [] :)

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About the artist behind Panaginip Chords:

This article is about music. For the music group, see Pot-Pourri (group). For plants, see Potpourri.

Potpourri or Pot-Pourri [pō-poo’rē] (French, literally "rotten pot") was originally a term applied to a jar with a mixture of dried flower petals and spices used to scent the air (see potpourri). In music this is a kind of musical form structured as ABCDEF..., the same as medley or, sometimes, fantasia. It is often used in light, easy-going and popular types of music.

This is a form of arrangement where the individual sections are simply juxtaposed with no strong connection or relationship. This type of form is organized by the principle of non-repetition. This is usually to be applied to a composition that consists of a string of favourite tunes, like a potpourri based on either some popular opera, operetta, or a collection of songs, dances, etc.

The term has been in use since the beginning of the 18th century, or to be more specific, since it was used by the French music publisher Christophe Ballard (1641-1715) for the edition of a collection of pieces in 1711. In 18th century the term was used in France for collections of songs which, with a thematic link, were sometimes given stage presentation. Later the term was used also for instrumental collections, like the "Potpourry français", a collection of originally unconnected dance pieces issued by the publisher Bouïn.

Potpourris became especially popular in the 19th century. The opera overtures of French composers, such as François-Adrien Boïeldieu (1775–1834), Daniel Auber (1782–1871) and Ferdinand Hérold (1791–1833), or the Englishman Arthur Sullivan (1842–1900) belong to this type. Richard Strauss called the overture to his Die schweigsame Frau a "pot-pourri".

The "overtures" to light modern stage works (e.g. operettas or musicals) are almost always written in potpourri form, using airs from the work in question.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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