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Ill Always Love You Tab
ILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (acoustic version)
tabbed by vhingster

intro chord patern:
A-F#m/C-D-Bm7 (2X)

      A     F#m/C  D     Bm
G-|-----2-----2------2-----2-----|    this will be repeated twice..

then comes the verse part.

A        F#m/C   D
standing by  my  window                      A(*1)
Bm        E         A(*1)                -|-------------------|
listening for your call                  -|-----------2h3h2---|

DM7            E               E/D(*2) D  A(*1)
seems i really miss you afterall

    E/D(*2)                 D                      A(1*)
       ^                    ^
-|-----4-(strum upward--)---3-(strum upward)-----------------------|

F         C       Bm              E       A7(sus)
time wont let me, decide thoughts to myself..
DM7            Cm#7       F#m
i just want to let you know
Bm         Bm7   Bm       E
i wished i never let you go..


AM7   F#m7       Bm7
  and ill always love you

     E                D  ^     A  ^   F#m       E
     deep inside this heart of mine i you

AM7    F#m7       Bm7
   and ill always need you

     E               Faug7              F#m7     D   Bm      E
  -|--------------1--------4-----4-----------------2--------------| do intro
  -|---------2--------3----------3---------------0----4-----------| chords
  -|--2-----------------------------------4----------2------------| pattern
     and if you ever change your mind i still......i you

intro chords pattern (twice)

do same chords on first verse on verse 2..

then repeat chorus..

* just listen to the acoustic version and try to focus on the
  plucking pattern done on each lyrics.
* i didnt put the refrain part on this one, im tired and i already forgot
  the chords..just try to look it up on the other tabs guys..

  hope you guys liked this one..

  i actually serenade a girl with this song and guess what??
  im married with her now!!

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About the artist behind Ill Always Love You Tab:

Michael Johnson (born 8 August 1944), is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for his hit song "Bluer Than Blue."

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