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Lets Get It On Tab
Tabbed by:Emo-Slayer

Chords credit goes to CluMsy

Song is in the key of Cminor. You can improvise in Cminor Pent.




Verse 1:

C          Am7    F       G7
 I've been really tryin', baby;
C         Am7             F             G7
 Tryin to hold back these feelings, for so long.
C           Am7   F      G7
 And if you feel, like I feel, baby;
C         Am7          F  G7
 Come on, oh, come on;

Chorus 1:

             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on,
             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on.
             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on,
             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on.

Verse 2:

C      Am7           F       G7
 We're all sensitive people,
C     Am7             F           G7
 With so much love to give; under-stand me, sugar.
C  Am7              F   G7
    Since we got to be,
C          Am7  F        G7
 Lets say;    I love you.

Verse 3:

C        Am7
      F            G7         C    Am7
Nothin wrong, with me, lovin' you,
      F        G7
Baby, nah, nah.
    C                  Am7              F     G7
And givin' yourself to me, can never be wrong,
               C     Am7  F  G7
If the love is true.

Bridge 1:

F                                        C        Am7  F  G
 Don't you know, how sweet and wonderful life can be?
F                                      C    Am7  F  G
 I'm askin you baby, to get it on with me.
F                                  C     Am7
 I aint gonna worry, I ain't gonna push,
                F      G
(Don't push me, baby),
   F                                            G
So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, baby;
Stop beatin' 'round the bush.

Chorus 3:

             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on,
             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on.
             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on,
             C   Am7  F  G7
Let's get it on.

(Repeat to Fade)

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