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Turn It On Again Tab
Turn It On Again
No Idea what album, not a huge fan, but I've got the greatest hits CD and this is an 
song. When the riff kicks in in the intro...
Hell yeah!

This tab isn't whole, but I get hacked off with all the guitar pro tabs because I don't 
Guitar Pro. Anyway...


The bass note is a B (fret 2 on the A string).

This riff plays on through the verse until 'I can show you, etc'

Bridge 'I can show you...'
And so on.

I gotta go, but I have a tab for Doctor Doctor, by UFO. Not that it's in any way 
but it hasn't been rated, and I swear to god it's perfect. Of course, I don't really mind. I 
But it'd be nice to get a good one. It's the fourth tab for that song, by the way.


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About the artist behind Turn It On Again Tab:

Genesis are an English rock band formed in 1967. With approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide, Genesis are among the top 30 highest-selling recording artists of all time.[1] In 1988 the band won a Grammy Award for Best Concept Music Video. The longest-tenured members of Genesis are Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks. Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett were also members of the band in its early days.

Genesis began as a 1960s pop band playing moody, simple keyboard-driven melodies. During the 1970s they evolved into a progressive rock band and began to incorporate complex song structures and elaborate instrumentation, while their concerts took on a more theatrical tone. This second phase was characterised by lengthy performances such as the twenty-three minute "Supper's Ready" and, in 1974, the concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Gabriel departed in 1975 as did Hackett in 1977. In the 1980s, the band produced more accessible pop music based on melodic hooks; this change of direction gave them their first number one album in the United Kingdom, Duke, and their only number one single in the United States, "Invisible Touch".

Genesis has changed personnel several times. Founding member Anthony 'Ant' Phillips left the band in 1970 due to stage fright. Most significantly, Collins, the band's drummer, replaced Gabriel as lead singer in 1975 after a lengthy search for a replacement, while still maintaining his drumming duties in the studio. To facilitate Collins's move to lead vocals during concerts, Bill Bruford, and later Chester Thompson, played drums for the band on-stage, with Collins joining in briefly during lengthy instrumental passages. Collins has been the band's singer ever since (except for a brief period when he was replaced by the comparatively unknown Ray Wilson (formerly of Stiltskin) for the 1997 album Calling All Stations). As a result of the commercial failure of Calling All Stations, the band announced an indefinite hiatus. However, in 2007, Banks, Collins and Rutherford reunited for a 20-city tour of Europe and North America, which included a concert at Rome's Circo Massimo in front of 500,000 fans.

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