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All I Could Do Was Cry Chords
"All I Could Do Was Cry"
Etta James
At Last (1960)

The chord progression here is relatively simple, although effective.  What
really makes this song stand out is the wrenching delivery that James throws 
behind it, and the power with which she spits even just that second "rice" 
makes it clear that she is not a woman to be trifled with.  Although this 
song can be played with a capo on the first fret (and probably should be if 
you plan on using the delicate arpeggiation of the original) it sounds great 
with a single guitar belting out simple barre chords and a singer with a 
voice big enough to do it justice.

G# C# D# G#

A D    E           A
I  heard church bells ring
  D      E    A
I heard a choir singing
D       E        A       F#m
I saw my love walk down the aisle
       D     E           A    
on her finger    he placed a ring

Whoahhhh whoah..

D          E         A   
I saw them     holding hands
        D             E         G#
She was standing there    with my man
D           E             A          F#m
I heard them promise, "'Til death do us part"
     D         E         A
Each word Was a pain in my heart

Chorus :
D          E      A
All I could do was cry
All I could do was cry
D    E         A         F#m
I was losing the man that I love
    D          E     A
and all I could do was cry

    D      E         A
And now the wedding is over
D         E                         A
Rice, rice has been thrown over their heads
D       E       A   F#m
For them life has just begun
    D      E    A
but mine is at an end

Ohh oh... (chorus) 

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