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Holy Holy Holy Chords
Holy, Holy, Holy
Sufjan Stevens

    Pretty easy chord pattern, but listen to the song to figure out the picking. I'm
not sure if this is 100% correct, but it's hard to hear the guitar sometimes and I
went off of the piano mostly. Beautiful song. Listen to the song and play along;
there are some variations with the chords. Any corrections would be greatly

Capo: 2


   C Am7 Em7                             C Am7 Em7

e|-3--3-------|                       e|-3--0-------|
B|-1--1--3----|                       B|-1--1--3----|
G|-0--0--0----|      or sometimes     G|-0--0--0----|  
D|-2--2--2----|                       D|-2--2--2----|
A|-3--0--2----|                       A|-3--0--2----|
E|-x--x--0----|                       E|-x--x--0----|


"Holy, holy, holy!"  "Lord God Almighty!"   "Early in the morning..."

   C Am7 Em7         F C G                  C B/Em Am7 Em7


"...our song shall rise to Thee"

   F  G  Am7 G


Altered Verse:

"God in three Persons..." "...God in three Persons..."  "...blesscd Trinity!"

   F  G  Am7 G               F  G Am7 Em                 F  G


(Play Intro 2x), Repeat.

"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." Revelation 4:8

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About the artist behind Holy Holy Holy Chords:

Sufjan Stevens (pronounced /ˈsuːfjɑːn/) (born July 1, 1975) is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Petoskey, Michigan. Stevens first began releasing his music on the Asthmatic Kitty label, a label formed by himself and his stepfather, starting with 2000 release A Sun Came. His 2005 album Illinois hit #1 in the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

Stevens is very experimental with his music and he has released albums of varying styles, from the electronica of Enjoy Your Rabbit and the lo-fi folk of Seven Swans to the symphonic instrumentation of Illinois and Christmas themed Songs for Christmas. Stevens makes use of a variety of instruments, often playing many of them himself on the same track,[1] and writes music in various different time signatures. He is considered part of the folk revival in indie pop, but his influences are very broad. His music has been likened to electronica[2] and the minimalism of Steve Reich.[3] Also, Stevens' music often has spiritual themes and many songs draw inspiration from Bible stories, most notably on Seven Swans.

Stevens has garnered much interest from the press for his "Fifty States Project",[4][5][6] his aim being to complete an album about each of the states of the US. Stevens has thus far completed two state records, Illinois and his home state record Michigan. Whether he will complete the project is subject to debate but the artist says he remains serious about its completion.[7] In interviews, Stevens has alluded to many different states as his next project, including Oregon, California and New Jersey, however it would appear that this is because he has not yet decided which state he will choose next.[8]

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