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Iingatan Ka Chords
Sung by Carol Banawa

Tempo		:	Moderately Slow
Key Signature	:	Key of C (high male voice)
Time Signature	: 	4
Skill Level	:	Advanced

FM7  C  FM7  
Dm7 Dm/C  Bb  Gsus  

Sa buhay kong ito

Tanging pangarap lang

       FM7 			C/E
Ang iyong pag mamahal

Dm7		Gsus - G   
Ay makamtam

Kahit na sandali

Ikaw ay mamasdan

FM7		C/E
Ligaya tila ay

Dm7		Gsus - E7/G#
Walang hangan

Am9		Em/G
Sana'y di na magising

Kung nangangarap man din

G7sus4	    G79(b9)	   
Kung ang buhay na makulay

CM7		C/B
Ang tatahakin

Am9		    Em/G  
Minsan ay nadarama

	FM7	    Dm	    
minsan di na iluluha

Eaug   Am   Am/G 		  F	C/E
Di ka  na 	 	maninimdim

pagkat sa buhay mo 

   Dm/C 	     F/Bb 	Bb - Gsus	
ay may nag mamahal parin

[* = for 2nd time only towards chorus 2]
(chorus 1)
  G/C     C          G/F   F	
Iingatan ka, aalagaan ka

C			C/E 	F	C/E
Sa puso ko ikaw ang pag-asa

     Dm7	    F/G - G/F	     Em7 	  Am7	
Sa 'ting mundo'y 	         may gagabay sa iyo

      Dm7	    Dm/C 	     C/Bb - Bb - Gsus	
Ang alay ko'y itong pagmamahal ko

	  G/C 	C	G/F 	F
May nagmamahal, aakay sa iyo

  C9		         C/E     FM7(9)		Fm6
Aking inay ikaw ang nagbigay ng Buhay ko

Em7			Am7
Buhay na kay ganda

Dm7		    F/G		   C	*(Ab7sus4)	
Pangarap ko na makamtan ko na

Interlude: CM7(9)  FM7  Dm7  Gsus  E/G#

(repeat refrain-chorus 1 then play * to chorus 2 [omit interlude])

(chorus 2 )
    Ab/Db Db    Ab/Gb  Gb
Iingatan  ka, aalagaan ka

     Db  		Db/F	Gb	Db/F	
Sa puso ko ikaw ang pag-asa

     Ebm7          Gb/Ab-Ab/Gb       FM7       Bbm7	  
Sa 'ting mundo'y 		  may gagabay sa iyo

       Ebm7	Ebm/Db	    Db/Cb - Cb Absus 
Ang alay ko'y itong pagmamahal ko

	Ab/Db  Db     Ab/Gb  Gb     
May nagmamahal aakay sa iyo

  Db         	         Db/F  GbM7(9)		Gbm6
Aking inay ikaw ang nagbigay ng Buhay ko

FM7			Bbm7
Buhay na kay ganda

   Ebm7     	   Asus  -  Ab/Gb  Fsus  Bbsus-Bb7	
Pangarap ko na makamtan ko na 

   Ebm7     	   Asus              Db
Pangarap ko na makamtan ko na 

Ab/Db - Gb/Db  Gbm  Db

CM7(9)	=	G/C
Ab7sus	=	Gb/Ab (with 2nd tone [Bb])

Prepared by Clemen Carl de Guzman
Copyright  2008 by CM de Guzman Music

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About the artist behind Iingatan Ka Chords:

Carol Claire Aguilar Banawa (born March 4, 1981, in Pasay City, Philippines), better known in the Philippines as Carol Banawa, is a Filipina singer and actress. She was born in Pasay City to Albino and Cirila Banawa. She has two siblings, Alexander 11121212121and Cherry. She was raised in Batangas. Self-confessed as an "ugly-duckling," Carol dreamt of having a musical career at a very young age. Having a thought that her dream would never come true, her family chose to believe in her drive for success. Carol entered a junior beauty pageant during the late 1980's when she was eight years old. this was the start of her path to stardom. She was eventually invited to join the new roster of ABS-CBN stars through the children oriented show "Ang TV" [1] and became a famous music star in the Philippine music mainstream.

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