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Dakota Chords
tuning : half step down


intro : F, C, G, Am

Cadd9 chord - x20010

verse 1: strum each chord once
C                         Cadd9
She knows exactly what to do
Whenever I'm alone with her
I can barely make a move
                      F   G    C
By the time she opens up her eyes
    F        G      C
She sings to me at night


She's singing
 F           C            G    Am
(ba da ba ba ba ba da ba ba da da)
 F           C            G    Am
(ba da ba ba ba da ba ba da ba da)

C                          Cadd9
I know that she barely knows me
I'm not faking love with her
It's like I'm singing Karaoke
                         G(palm mute)
And I forgot the second verse
But I can make up my own words

     F     C
Oh, Dakota
   G              Am
I know our love is new
           F    C
I barely know ya
       G         Am
I've fallen over you
          F               C
It's the way you do the things you do
       G              Am
That make me fall in love with you
F                    C          G    Am
Dakota, are you in love with me too?

-F, C, G, Am

She's got a little bit of money
And a little bit of this
          C                Cadd9
And it's all she needs to live
I got a little bit of love
And a little bit of that
          C            Cadd9
And it's all I have to give

G                              F?
This time I'll try not to show, woah
That I am not letting go


C     F              G
I'll show ya, I'll show ya
C                           F
And you'll know, and you'll know
I'm not letting go

prechorus and chorus 

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