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She Is Gone Chords
			     SHE IS GONE - The Vines

Tabbed by: Alvin

Am           F#m7
On my way to God
 C              Em
All the way to nowhere
  Am             F#m7
Searching with a heart
 C                   Em
Ain't that heart to know it (?)
 D                G    Em
She is, she is,  gone

 Am           F#m7
Wishin' on a star
  C             Em
Lookin' for a meaning
 Am           F#m7
They tore us apart
  C             Em
Ain't no use pretending
 D                G    Em
She is, she is,  gone
 D                G    Em
She is, she is,  gone

Instrumental: Am F#m7 C Em

On out, ad libs: "Wishin' on a star", "They tore us apart", etc.


e |--|-x-|--|---|
B |--|-x-|--|---|
G |--|-x-|--|---|
D |--|-x-|--|---|
A |--|-x-|--|-x-|
E |--|-x-|--|---|

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About the artist behind She Is Gone Chords:

The Vines are an Australian garage rock band notable for producing a musical hybrid of '60s rock and '90s alternative music. Since 2006 their line-up has consisted of vocalist and lead guitarist Craig Nicholls, rhythm guitarist Ryan Griffiths, bassist Brad Heald and drummer Hamish Rosser.

They appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in October 2002 (the first Australian band to do so since Men At Work in 1983) with the words "Rock is Back: meet the Vines" boldly emblazed underneath.[2] Often referred to as the 'The' bands, The Strokes, The Hives, The White Stripes and The Vines combined old fashioned punk and adrenaline fuelled riffs to be ushered in at the beginning of 2002 as the saviors of rock.[3]

The Vines have been moderately successful in the Australian recording industry, winning an ARIA in 2002 for Breakthrough Artist and receiving nominations for six other awards in as many years.[4] In 2003, their debut album Highly Evolved went double platinum in their home country of Australia,[5] and since then the band has released two albums and a "Best-Of" compilation from their time at Capitol Records. They finished working on the new album Melodia in March 2008 which is due to be released on July 12 2008 in Australia.[6]

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