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Wont Stop Chords
One Republic - Won't Stop
E  (022100) 
E* (x7999x) 
B  (x2444x) 
B* (799877) 
A  (x02220) 
A* (577655) 

Eh, can't get the chords to go over the rite words but if u listen to the song
you'll know when to change
Intro x2
E   B   F#m   A

[Verse 1] 
E           B   F#m   A
Uh ohh 
Now i stared at you 
From across the room 
F#m                       A
Until both my eyes were faded 
I was in a rush 
I was out of luck 
F#m                   A
Now I'm so glad that I waited 
E                     B
Well you were almost there 
             F#m    A
Almost mine...yeah 
E                    B
They say love ain't fair 
                       F#m   A
But I'm doing fine... 

Cause i swear it's you 

I swear it's you 
                 E*               B*
I swear it's you that I've waited for 
I swear it's you 

I swear it's you 
                  E*                 B*
I swear it's you that my heart beats for 
And it isn't gonna stop 

No it just won't stop 

Repeat intro


[Verse 2] 
Now you were fine by night 
B                     F#m
But when the morning light comes 
Comfortable as rain on Sunday 
And I'm a lucky soul 
B                   F#m
That holds your hand so tight 
Hope you hear this one day 
E              B
Don't fool yourself 
        F#m      A
This is my truth 


F#m           A*
You take this hand 
You take this heart 
Stir my bones 
From 1000 miles apart 
Feels so cold 
Felt just like its ten shades of winter 
E         B
And i need the sun 
F#m  A
Ohh yeahh 
E  B  F#m  A
Oh oh no no yeah yeah 

Chorus x2 then repeat intro

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