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To You Chords
Song Title: To You
Artist: Hillsong
Composed by Darlene Zschech
Tabbed by: JMJbreezin

Intro: G

Verse 1:
Here I Stand 
Forever In Your Mighty Hand
Living With Your Promise 
Written On My Heart

Verse 2:
I Am Yours 
Surrendered Wholly To You
You Set Me In Your Family, 
                 C    D7sus-D7
Calling Me Your Own

    G       Am
Now I, I Belong To You 
All I Need 
Your Spirit, Your Word, Your Truth
Hear My Cry
My Deep Desire 
     F          D7sus-D7
To Know You More
In Your Name 
        Am                   D
I Will Lift My Hands To The King
To Settle My Praise I bring, 
Heaven Knows
I Long To Love You 
      F      D
With All I Am
             C   G
I Belong To You

(Repeat Verses 1 & 2)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus "In Your Name )

Intrumental:  C - D  (6x)

(Repeat Chorus - 1st part mellow then build up on the second part of Chorus - "In you name...")
(Repeat Chorus "In Your Name )

Ending:  C - D

Copyright: 2000 Hillsong Publishing (Admin. in U.S. & Canada by Integrity's Hosanna! Music)
Theme: Praise, Promise, Strength, Surrender

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