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Farewell Chords
Hi tO aLL..uhm by d way this is my second tablature...i dedicate this 4 my one en only
made this song that everyone of you guys would be..understand this
pki follow n lng ng mga some instruction...tnx..tiyaga lang mga dudes...^_^..add nio na 
ako sa tnx^_^..uhm mganda po kung plucking nio n lng 
na ito...


                     Dm7                        E
                 We used to be frightened and scared to try
                          C#m7                F#m
                 on the things that we don't understand why
                        Bm7                  E7
                    We laugh 4 a moment and start to cry
              AM7            Dm7                  E
              We were crazy now that the end is already here
                     C#m7                F#m
                  We reminisce about old yells and cheers
                 Bm7                                  AM7 E-A
                 Even if our last hurrahs were never clear

        Dm7        E                 C#m7      F#m
CHORUS:Farewell to you my friend's we'll see each other again
       don't[ cry ]'cause it's
        E              AM7      E A
        not the end of everything
        I maybe [miles] away
       C#m7          F#m7                 Dm7    E7  Dm7
       but her is my heart will stay,with you friends, with you...


        Dm7                   E                C#m7
VERSE#2:Yesterdays treasures today is here tommorows on way the sky is clear
     Bm7                          E7           AM7
        thank you 4 d mem'ries of all laughters and tears
     Dm7                        E
        and not to mention our doubts en our fears
     C#m7                   F#m
        the hypertension we gave to our peers
     Bm7                     E7        AM7                E-A
        its really funny to look back after all these years



              Dm7   E7
         With you
             Dm7        C#m7    F#7-E
         My friends with  you
              Dm7             E7
         With you,my friends
         With only you...


I dedicate this song to all of graduating student in fiatlux academe gen.trias cavite,en
sa aking minamahal na c hannah...wiw!!love u mare..^_^...

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