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Roxette Chords
Example for G:
Thatīs the main thing that you just move up and down.

I saw you out the other night
I saw somebody hold you tight
C                              G
Roxette, I wonder who it could be
It was so dark I couldn't see
But I know it wasn't me
When I tell you it ain't right
I know you've got to agree

I followed you into a show
The band was playing rock'n'roll
Roxette, I didn't need to seek you out
The music played so loud
That I could hear you through the crowd
You was telling everyone
About a new guy you'd found

Roxette I gotta go away
And leave you for a couple of days
Roxette, I don't want no more of your tricks
I'm gonna get some concrete mix
And fill your back door up with bricks
And you better be there waiting
When I get my business fixed 

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About the artist behind Roxette Chords:

Dr. Feelgood is a British pub rock band, which was formed in mid 1971. The name of the band, Dr. Feelgood, is slang for heroin, or for doctors who are prepared to over prescribe drugs. In 1962 the name was adopted by the American blues pianist and singer Willie Perryman (also known as "Piano Red") who recorded his song "Dr Feel-Good" as "Dr Feelgood & The Interns". The song was covered by several British beat groups including The Pirates, who used it as the B-side to one of their singles and it is from there, allegedly, that it was picked up by the band.

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