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Green Onions Bass Tab
ok, well first off. with blues-y songs like this not all tabs are wrong, they are just
differently, witch is the beauty of jazz swing and blues tunes. This is jsut the way that 
heard it, so dont tell me that im wrong.

NOTE: the rythm is swung (if you dont know what that means jsut follow the rythm of the 
cymbol of the drums)

(few measures of rest, then drums and bass kick in)


the fifth time move it up a string, like this;


then back down like this


then it follows this pattern


thats the first thirty seconds of the tune, you can pretty much play through the entire 
using that patter, its pretty simple, but the key this is if the guitar goes up in 
generally, thats your que to move up a string, and likewise with going down in pitch (move down a string)

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