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Michi To You All Chords
| Song      | Michi ~ To You All (TV ver.)  |
| Artist    | Aluto                         |
| Tabber    | GaaraKun35                    |
| Location  | Cebu, Philippines             |
| E-mail/FS |       |
| Comment   | My favorite ending in the     |
|           | new Naruto Shippuuden series. |
|           | Not sure if this is accurate, |
|           | but sounds like it! :D        |



A#  C  F (2x)


A#     C        F
Daitai itsumo doori ni
A#   C         F
Sono kado wo magareba
    A#     C    Dm    F  
Hitonami ni magirekomi
A#      C      F
Tokete kiete iku


Dm   A#    F          C  
Boku wa michi wo nakushi
  Dm     A#      F      C
Kotoba sura nakushiteshimau
Dm   A#    F        C
Dakedo hitotsu dake wa
  A#   C    Dm F    
Nokotteta nokotteta
A#    C     Dm - - pause
kimi no koe ga


A#      C        Dm       F
Warau kao mo okoru kao mo subete
A#       C    Dm
Boku wo arukaseru
A#        C         Dm        F
Kumo ga kireta saki wo mitara kitto
A#    C       Dm
Nee wakaru desho?
A#    C       F     A#~ 
Nee wakaru desho?

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