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Sampip Chords
Title: Sampip

Band: Parokya Ni Edgar

Chords By: Charlie Edsel Valera

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                 G               Em
Some people of shoes of certain kinds
            C                           A/D-A/Dsus-A/D
Some people afternoons for the way the moon shines
              G              Em
Some people sleeping as I do too
             C                          A/D
That's why I ask myself what it is with you

                             C9                  A/D 
Chorus: Is there something wrong with the way I speak
             C9            A/D 
Do you even see me when I pass you on the street
              C9                     A/D 
I'll close my eyes and still I can't see
           Em                     C           A/D 
Because I just can't get why you love to hate me

Interlude: G-Em-C-A/D 

                G                     Em
And when I wake up, with the wresting on mine
               C                   A/D
And the future every time and in dreamin of you 
              G                 Em
Seeks me up shower, on maybe me to
             C                          A/D
So that we clear my hand and starts so blue (Chorus & Interlude)

                                   C9 A/D-A/Dsus-A/D C9
Chorus 2: Come crazy I just don't care I'll never   clean it
                  A/D               C9
So you better be wear  I'm talk to you like blue  
                     A/D              Em       C9               G 
And tell me tell you tell you it's alright To watch you till I die

Outro: G-Em-C-A/D-A/Dsus-A/D   

       G-Em-C-A/D-A/Dsus-A/D G

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