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Crosby Tunings Chords
From: Harlan L Thompson 


In July 1988 the now defunct Frets magazine published an interview of
David Crosby. I encourage you to find a copy of it at your local library
if you can.  In addition to the interview it includes a transcription of
the song Guinnevere and a list of the tunings he used.  Here's the list
of tunings so that people who like songs in alternate tunings can start
figuring out some of these and hopefully post them!  Additions to this
list are of course very welcome- obviously songs from his more recent
solo albums are not included here as the interview was in 1988.

Eight Miles Hig            Standard	Byrds/5D
Games		           Standard	C&N/Graham Nash/David Crosby
Long Time Gone	           Standard	CSN/Crosby, Stills and Nash
Page 43		           Standard	C&N/Graham Nash/David Crosby
The Lee Shore	           Standard	CSNY/Four Way Street
Triad		           Standard	CSNY/Four Way Street*
Wooden Ships	           Standard	CSN/Crosby, Stills and Nash
Everybody's Been Burned    D A D G B E	Byrds/Younger Than Yesterday
Carry Me		   D A D G B E	C&N/Wind on the Water
Compass		           E B D G A D	CSNY/American Dream
Deja Vu		           E B D G A D	CSNY/Deja Vu
Guinnevere		   E B D G A D	CSN/Crosby, Stills and Nash
Song With No Words	   E B D G A D	Crosby/If I Could Only R...
Tracks in the Dust	   E B D G A D	Crosby/Oh Yes I Can
Laughing		   D G D D A D	Crosby/If I Could Only R...*
Whistling Down the Wire    D G D D A D 	C&N/Whistling Down the Wire
Dancer		           D G D D A D	C&N/Whistling Down the Wire
Kids and Dogs	           D G D D A D	unreleased+
Music Is Love	           D A D D A D	Crosby/If I Could Only R...
In My Dreams	           D A D D G C	CSN/CSN (1977)
Naked in the Rain	   D A D D G C	C&N/Wind on the Water
Traction in the Rain	   A A D G B E	Crosby/If I Could Only R...
Whole Cloth	           A A D G B E	C&N/Graham Nash/David Crosby

*= Laughing and Triad were also both done by the Byrds.  Their version of
Triad is on the Box Set, and the version of Laughing is on the out of
print 1973 reunion album The Byrds.
+= Kids and Dogs apparently was done around 1970 as a duet with Jerry
Garcia.  Does anyone know of a bootleg with this on it?
P.S.- the article also mentions that Bluebird by Stephen Stills is in
P.P.S.- the April 1988 issue of Frets has an article about Nick Drake
with a transcription of the song Road and lots of other good info for
guitarists interested in him.

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